I worked twenty five years in the military and retired in 2013 but I knew my retirement would not be enough to sustain my current needs to support my family and myself. So I got involved on accident and opened up a trucking company, which I had no idea and no experience in. So I learned all the do’s and don’ts of the trucking industry. 

I struggled the first few years, but eventually the business picked up and it started growing a little bit but I was not happy. So a year later I opened a second business brokering freight but it did not turn out to be successful and I was getting tired of working day in and day out. 

Even though the trucking business was doing fairly well I knew I had to find another avenue to support my family and myself and get away from working seven days a week. I noticed other people in certain businesses doing a lot less work and making great money and always traveling on vacations and spending a lot of time with their family. 

Therefore I started my search on the internet for a whole year looking for opportunities that I myself could get into and enjoy the freedom everyone else was enjoying, so while doing my research I found out that everything is moving to the internet Marketing world. I mean nearly everyone is shopping online now a days and my studies found that ten years from now the online marketing world is going to be employed by billions of online marketers. 

So one day online I came across this ad and I knew right away by my gut feeling that this was the place for me, so I clicked on the link and registered for the free live online webinar and I was blown away by what I saw and learned and I am now an online marketer and have been for the past three to four weeks and have truly found my calling and my goal in life and also my financial freedom that I have been looking for so I can spend quality time with my family and plan vacations as I want to. 

With my new online marketing business I can work from anywhere on my lap top computer or my smart phone.

I would truly like to hear your story! 
By Enrolling With Us You Will Learn
  • How to start your own online business, & gain the freedom of being your own boss
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Mark Johns